It's a massage specialty, formerly utilized by the monks in the mountainous regions of China to increase vitality. It is pronounced chee (energy), nee (internal), song (organ). It has a unique relationship with qigong because of its focus on the energetic aspects of the internal organs. This has caused it to be called abdominal qigong.

Practitioners of this art, focus on removing blockages and constrictions in the abdominal cavity. This specialized art has shown great promise in treating toxicity, fibroids, irritable bowel syndrome, poor digestion, appendix inflammation, menstrual disorders, and many other common abdominal imbalances. It is often remarked by those who receive frequent massages, that practitioners rarely do more than superficially stroke the abdomen, even though this is an area of the body which profoundly influences our health. The reason for this may be a concern about damaging delicate tissues or may reflect a lack of confidence due to insufficient training in appropriate techniques.

Chi Nei Tsang has the unique characteristic of bringing together western anatomical knowledge with oriental meridian based thinking, so that practitioners are not just physically rubbing the abdomen but rather seeking to restore circulation, stimulate proper function, and increase the recipients awareness of the level of vitality of their internal organs.

The way in which the work is accomplished is sometimes very Reiki-like and at other times may take on a gentle manipulative quality. Having a good working knowledge of western abdominal anatomy is essential, as is a knowledge of meridians and extraordinary meridian flows throughout the abdominal cavity.

James Easter

James Easter

James Easter is an advanced practitioner as well as a teacher of a variety of disciplines based on ancient chinese and ayurvedic medicine. For more than 30 years James has practice and taught in various parts of the world, in both English and Spanish and has written articles about intestinal flora, teishin, anger management, and I Ching. His constant intent has been to use the best of the natural healing arts, east and west; and to improve through continual study of new products and new techniques.

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