The TAO of intestinal flora

What Do We Know?

One of the most important and yet least understood parts of our body is our internal immune system, the intestinal flora. These bacteria were discovered in the 1800s by Louis Pasteur, a French scientist, who is credited with the discovery of the pasteurization of milk. More than 500 types of flora have been identified.

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Christmas Humphreys once wrote that all meditation styles could be categorized as either with ‘seed’ or without ‘seed’. With seed refers to giving the mind a completely absorbing ‘job’ to do that requires all of its attention. This type would be be represented by yantras, mantras, mudras, CDs, guided meditations, visualizations, etc.

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Qi Gong

Qigong is a very sophisticated and highly effective rejuvenation art from China. It consists of practices which integrate breath, movement, and visualization,. These practices increase flexibility, endurance, and concentration. The number of practices is said to be in the thousands.

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